DAZZVAPE BOTO Concentrate Vaporizer

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DAZZVAPE BOTO is a compact concentrate vaporizer incorporating an integrated 350mAh rechargeable battery, inhale activated system and 3.6V direct voltage output. The BOTO has built-in draw activated system combined with Dab Pen, no-button design make it simple to use. Microporous Quartz Coil with good thermal conductivity provides a pure vapor taste. The BOTO is an incredible vaporizer producing thick vapor clouds to keep the potency and flavor of your concentrates at their best.

Main Features:

  • Built-in Draw Activated System combined with Dab Pen, innovative design.

The BOTO is designed for an easier user experience, just open the cover and lightly draw from mouthpiece to activate the device. When ready a blue indicator light will shine and the BOTO will be ready to work and heat your concentrates instantly. Dip into the concentrates with the atomizer tip and inhale, elevating your sensation and vapor experience to a higher level in a simple way.

Dazzvape BOTO Concentrate Vaporizer innovative design

  • No buttons to press, simple to use.

No-button design make the BOTO friendly to users, which offers an easy, seamless user experience that accommodates a on-the-go lifestyle. Just inhale and enjoy! The battery remains in standby mode when not in use.

Dazzvape BOTO Concentrate Vaporizer No Botton

  • Microporous Quartz Coil with good thermal conductivity provides a pure vapor taste.

The BOTO adopts high-grade microporous quartz coil which prevents dry hits. Advanced thermal conductivity within the coil provides a pure vapor taste. Extended design makes the coil easier to dip concentrates. Unique flat design of the coil enlarges concentrates contact area to help produce more vapors which can provide more satisfaction.

Dazzvape BOTO Concentrate Vaporizer pure vapor taste

  • Discreet while maintaining high potency.

The BOTO is discreet and portable, making it a great companion for indoor or outdoor use. After every charging, the BOTO is able to generate 230+ puffs, providing prolonged satisfaction without a decline in performance.

Dazzvape BOTO Concentrate Vaporizer high potency

  • The airway is detachable and easy to clean.

Detachable airway just make your cleaning routine a breeze, simply pull it out and it's very easy to clean. Just dip rubbing alcohol with cleaning brush and insert the brush into the airway to clean. Not wasting your time on messy cleaning anymore!

Dazzvape BOTO Concentrate Vaporizer airway

  • Streamlined contour design, feels comfortable in your hand.

The Boto is a perfect travel sized device with an elegant streamline aesthetic. The ergonomic design and great texture make it so comfortable to hold in hand. It is made from high-quality zinc alloy which is sturdy and tough despite its lightweight and compact construction.

 Multiple safety protections are built in with the BOTO

Dazzvape BOTO Concentrate Vaporize

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