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DAZZVAPE Melter Triple Titanium Quartz/Ceramic Donut Coil (5Pcs/Pack)

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The DAZZVAPE Melter Replacement Coils are specifically for the DAZZVAPE Melter Concentrate Vaporizer, the coils are available in quartz or ceramic with resistance ranges of 0.2 to 2.0 ohm.
Triple Titanium Quartz Coil ----- Three heating wires circle around quartz rods, your concentrates will be fully heated evenly. The innovative quartz coil produce purer-tasting vapor, give you nice clouds of vapor that taste super clean and pure.
Ceramic Donut Coil ----- Deliver huge delectable clean vapor. Perfect for people who are looking for the excellent vapor quality. It features self-cleaning function - dry burning to turn red for 10 seconds, the Melter ceramic donut coil will clean itself as a new one.

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