Is Vaping Cannabidiol Safe?

Is Vaping Cannabidiol Safe?

Ever since Cannabidiol became fully federally legal across the United States in 2018, many people have been turning to the substance for help with a variety of health issues. Cannabidiol is believed to help people who suffer from anxiety, stress, arthritis, pain disorders, depression, certain symptoms of cancer, acne, and a number of other issues.


There are several different ways that Cannabidiol can be consumed. It can be taken sublingually through a drop or oil, it can be ingested through an edible, it can be applied topically with cream, or it can be inhaled through a vaporizer. All of these methods are used commonly. However, there is some debate as to whether or not inhaling Cannabidiol is safe. Here is some information about the safety of vaping Cannabidiol.


It is generally considered to be safe


Vaping Cannabidiol is generally considered to be safe by many experts. This is because all that vaping does is heat up Cannabidiol, which is a non-toxic substance, so that it can be taken into the body through the lungs. Inhaling Cannabidiol is much different than inhaling something that is significantly more toxic, such as cigarette smoke, which can cause serious health problems.


Quality control


Although vaping Cannabidiol is generally considered to be safe, there can be some potential health risks if the quality of the Cannabidiol oil is adulterated or contaminated with another chemical. There have been some reports of health issues such as disorientation, headaches, and vomiting associated with vaping, but this is usually because the vape oil was low quality. Therefore it is vital to ensure when vaping Cannabidiol oil that you critically assess the quality of the oil before consumption.


So, if you are considering vaping Cannabidiol, then you should always make sure that you purchase your Cannabidiol from a reputable Cannabidiol oil distributor. Also, beware of diacetyl, a buttery flavouring agent. This substance is safe to the consumer through eating. But, when it is heated and inhaled through the lungs, it can be irritating to the lungs. So, get Cannabidiol oil without this substance.


Side Effects


Cannabidiol vaping research is really only in its infancy. This means that the long-term effects of Cannabidiol vaping are not fully understood. However, one side effect that has appeared frequently in early research is mild drowsiness. A number of other side effects have been reported in studies, such as dry mouth, euphoria, hunger, red eyes, grogginess,


Trump’s Move to Ban E-Cigarettes


The Trump administration has recently started a push to ban e-cigarettes such as Juuls due to a rash of teenagers showing up in hospitals with severe respiratory problems. In one case, a 17-year old boy was told by a doctor that his lungs are now similar to those of a 70-year old man. There have also been a number of deaths that have been linked to e-cigarettes as well.


However, vaping Cannabidiol is not the same as e-cigarette vaping. As of right now, Trump is not pushing to ban Cannabidiol vaping. This is because Cannabidiol vaping is generally considered to be much safer. However, it is possible that Trump could one day add Cannabidiol vaping to the e-cigarette ban legislation. But for now, it is safe. More research is needed to determine the long-term safety of Cannabidiol vaping.


Chemicals to Avoid


Even though vaping Cannabidiol is generally considered to be safe, there are still a number of chemicals that you should avoid if you are planning on vaping Cannabidiol. Two of these chemicals are propylene glycol and polyethene glycol. These chemicals are often used as thinning agents in Cannabidiol products. When propylene glycol is heated in a vape pen, it can break down into formaldehyde.


Considering the fact that formaldehyde is a carcinogen that has been linked to increased risk of myeloid leukaemia and nasopharyngeal cancer, obviously, inhaling it on a regular basis can be dangerous. So, if you are planning on vaping Cannabidiol, then you should specifically look for Cannabidiol products that do not contain the thinning agents propylene glycol and polyethene glycol. Instead, look for products that are as natural as possible and that contain as few additives as possible. This will decrease the odds of you experiencing negative health effects from vaping Cannabidiol.


Products made with the pesticide Eagle-20 (myclobutanil) should also be avoided. When this pesticide is heated, it decomposes into hydrogen cyanide. Again, more testing is needed to fully understand all of the side effects of vaping Cannabidiol. But for now, always strive to find products that are as natural and organic as possible and that contain as few pesticides and other chemicals as possible.





Another important thing to consider regarding the safety of vaping Cannabidiol is the dosage. It is imperative to take into account your weight and height when consuming Cannabidiol The general rule is, the bigger you are, the more dosgae which may be necessary to consume, however be mindful when taking all forms of Cannabidiol and adhere to the instruction labels


It is key for people to know that vaping Cannabidiol is a much more efficient way to get the Cannabidiol into the body. So, smaller doses tend to be a lot stronger for vaping as opposed to for other ingestion means, such as eating or applying to the skin. In fact, it is estimated that vaping makes a Cannabidiol dose about four times more powerful compared to if that same dose is ingested.


So, if you plan to vape Cannabidiol, you need to be aware that it will be much stronger than it will be if you ingest it. You should adjust your dose accordingly in order to avoid feeling effects that are too strong for your liking.




When vaping Cannabidiol is done correctly, it is generally very safe. In order to be done correctly, high-quality, unadulterated Cannabidiol oil must be used. This oil must not have any contaminants or harmful substances in it, such as diacetyl. Also, the correct dose must be used. People who adhere to good safety practices for vaping Cannabidiol should not experience negative effects from the practice.


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