Cannabidiol Vaping Dosage Calculator – How Much Should I Vape?

Cannabidiol Vaping Dosage Calculator – How Much Should I Vape?

Cannabidiol oil is rapidly developing a reputation as a powerful alternative treatment for a wide range of illnesses and conditions. In fact, according to it has been touted as likely being effective for such conditions as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and a host of other ailments including migraines and sleeping and eating disorders to name a few.  However, most people are completely unaware of how to measure Cannabidiol vape dosages and finding the right dose isn’t always easy.

Here we provide an step-by-step guide to calculating the right dosage for you. So lets get started.

There are 5 major factors that you should evaluate when calculating the correct Cannabidiol dosage for your needs;

  • Body weight
  • Cannabidiolstrength
  • Delivery method
  • Body chemistry
  • Severity of condition

Body Weight

Your Cannabidiol dosage should begin with a calculation of your body weight. In simple terms the heavier you are, the more Cannabidiol you should use per dosage. With that said we recommend starting low and gradually work your way up until you find a satisfactory dosage for you.


The Cannabidiol to body weight ratio table below can be use as a start point for calculating your correct Cannabidiol vape dosage.

Cannabidiol Dosage Chart


















Cannabidiol Strength and Bioavailability

The next step is to understand the strength of your Cannabidiol and then calculate the dosage you will need based on your weight and the delivery method.

How to calculate the strength of your Cannabidiol Vape Juice

Cannabidiol vape juice is sold in bottles and in most cases the information provided on the label only details the total amount of Cannabidiol per bottle (instead of per mL.) Here’s a simple way to figure out how much Cannabidiol is going into your vape tank when you fill it with Cannabidiol.

A standard 30ml bottle of Cannabidiol oil contains 1000mg of Cannabidiol. (always check the Cannabidiol content on the bottle label). Therefore, If you have a 30ml bottle of Cannabidiol and the bottle contains 1000mg of Cannabidiol then each ml of Cannabidiol should contain 33.3mg of Cannabidiol.

So how does this translate to my Cannabidiol vape cartridge or tank?

The answer is simple. If you’re using a Cannabidiol cartridge that holds more than 1ml of Cannabidiol juice multiply the amount of Cannabidiol by the tank’s capacity.

Here’s the formula

Total mg of Cannabidiol in your bottle divided by total ml of the bottle = amount of, Cannabidiol per ml

As an example, if your Cannabidiol cartridge has a 2ml capacity then you would have 66.6mg of Cannabidiol per cartridge.

How to calculate the right dosage of Cannabidiol

So now you know how to determine how much Cannabidiol you should take based on your weight, the final step in calculating your correct Cannabidiol dosage is to understand bioavailability and how this is affected by the method you use to take your Cannabidiol.

Bioavailablity basically refers to how much Cannabidiol actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream and different methods of using Cannabidiol produce different levels of bioavailability.

Below is a rough guide showing the percentages of Cannabidiol that get absorbed into your blood stream using different delivery methods.

  • Cannabidiolcapsules and edibles – 5-15%
  • Cannabidioltinctures – 20-30%
  • Cannabidiolvape oil – 40-50%

As you can see vaping Cannabidiol has the highest rate of bioavailability making it the most efficient way to take your Cannabidiol. In other words it takes less Cannabidiol to produce the same effect if vaped as compared to edibles or capsules.

To illustrate this if you ate 10mg of Cannabidiol your body would actually absorb only .05-1.2 mg of Cannabidiol into your blood stream.

In contrast if you vaped 10mg of vape oil your body would absorb 4-5mg, making it clearly the most cost effective and efficient way to take your Cannabidiol.

The Takeaway

By now you should have a good general understanding of how to calculate the correct dose of Cannabidiol for your body. If you follow this guide you will be able to calculate the mount of Cannabidiol you are absorbing into your bloodstream. This will allow you to monitor its effects and adjust your dosages according to your needs.

Remember, when trying Cannabidiol always start off with a small dosage and only increase as necessary. If you feel your current dosage is working don’t change it however if you’re not getting the desired effect try increasing your dosage by 5mg at a time.

Finally, if you’re concerned about how much Cannabidiol you should take talk to your local GP.

Have you been using Cannabidiol? if so wed love to hear how its been helping you improve the quality of your life so feel free to share your story in the comments section below.








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